Will the real Iain Duncan Smith- Please shut up!

Iain Duncan Smith cares about us. In the last month he has opposed further cuts to welfare and called the recent MPs pay rise ‘unacceptable’.


What a caring soul he must be, even though he has overseen £7bn of welfare cuts without opposing them, laughed his way through foodbank and ‘bedroom tax’ debates and even shrugged off a woman driven to suicide by  ‘Bedroom Tax’ by saying ‘ It’s business as usual’. He brought in retrospective legislation to find unlawful work for the dole schemes lawful and carried on with Universal Credit despite it being an ‘unmitigated disaster.’ The EU found that the ‘ Bedroom Tax’ violates human rights and he simply did not agree with the report. Add to that a mix of PIP backlogs that take over a year and not much being done about them, our Iain is a sure fire advocate for being against further cuts, heir!

As for the MPs pay rise being unacceptable, our Iain is worth £1.4M a year and claims expenses for £39 breakfasts, haircuts (yes haircuts), office supplies and even his underpants. Those are unacceptable to, but not in the deluded world of our beloved work and pensions secretary.

So, in the face of the evidence, I politely ask that the right honorable expense claimer please shut up.

Written by JSUK Admin.

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