The un-TV guide – 10/06/15

What not to watch in the world of welfare propaganda today.

The Jobcentre- Channel 4 11pm

This is the worst kind of welfare propaganda, in that it presents its self as a documentary but has many stereotypes, over the top characters and subliminal propaganda. Instead of watching this show, JSUK recommends reading the book ‘ The Road To Wigan Pier’ by George Orwell. Even back when the book was written in the 1930s he states that the middle class are being turned against the working class by propaganda…. hmm…

The Jeremy Kyle Show- ITV, ITV2 

You know when the Jobcentre basically picks on you and says ‘ get a job you lazy scrounger’ without actually saying it? Jeremy Kyle actually says it. Further more the people on benefits are all portrayed as lazy drug dealing ‘scum’. Safe to say that like Iain Duncan Smith Jeremy hides behind body guards while spouting his hateful bile and picking on the most vulnerable in society. Some may argue that the show does help people behind the scenes, but with the constant lazy layabout drug addict jobless stereotypical rubbish on show this earns a spot on what not to watch.  Instead, JSUK recommends turning off the TV and doing anything else. The shouting’s enough to give you a migraine as it is.

5* – Benefits, 19 kids and counting the cost. 4pm

The number of people who claim benefits with three kids or more is minuscule. Following on from the tragic PhilPot case and how that was used to stereotype, Viacom owned Channel Five Star brings us this rubbish. Screams of tax payers saying ‘ Why am I paying taxes to fund people to spit kids out and lay around all day’ will be heard.  Child benefit only applies for so many years and the Government are trying to bring in steps to limit it to the first two children and cut it for the first child. Much like benefits street, whenever they want to do something, banker and co-operation owned TV show stuff to justify the cuts which mostly hit other people than those portrayed, and everyone cheers like a Roman watching people be butchered.

Instead of watching this show, JSUK recommends googling the real welfare figures and seeing for yourself that the number of families like this is nothing, peanuts even… and cutting their benefits will not save much on the budget, but instead hit families with three children. Of course, this will not be shown.

Daily Politics- BBC Two

BBC brainwashing and propaganda, never really questioning MPs but instead letting them lie, including about welfare issues, sometimes.

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