Re: support our petition to save UK contributory based esa and jsa

Dear Editor

I have started a petition online the website which has raised so far 1304 signatures. Associated with petition I have written an article detailing my concerns. My article addresses changes that were reported in media about leaked documents viewed by the BBC earlier this year. Leaked documents mention DWP may be abolishing national insurance contribution based ESA and JSA welfare benefits.

Please could you read my email. If the content is relevant to your department would you publish information. My aim is to raise awareness of my article, support and sharing of petition. Please edit my article as you feel relevant for your publication. I appreciate anything you are able to do to raise awareness of this issue.

It is outside of natural justice and immoral for working age group of UK population if DWP abolish national insurance contribution based ESA and JSA. This change will cause intolerable suffering to many hard working households that hit financially tough times through no fault of their own.

kind regards

alison bush


petition link

Prior to the UK parliament election on 7th May 2015 news reports emerged regarding the future spending plans of conservative party. David cameron stated a majority conservative government win meant large spending cuts would have to occur to welfare budget of 12 bn pounds and public sector budget of 30 bn pounds. News reports mentioned DWP under conservative government could make further revisions to national insurance act. Nothing unusual so far the national insurance act legalisation is regularly subject to parliamentary review. However the information leaked in documents viewed by the BBC is concerning. Leaked documents stated conservative government are considering abolishing welfare benefit of national insurance contributory based ESA and JSA. Information that these welfare benefits are under threat of abolition can be found published on website of benefits and work organisation, in reports from Institute of fiscal studies, on BBC website, within telegraph and guardian newspapers. This is tantamount to treason for the UK working age population and the individuals/families they support. Working age population’s ability to support themselves financially when temporarily/permanently out of work due to mental or physical ill health or unemployed for alternative reasons e.g. redundancy is severely compromised by abolishing national insurance contribution based ESA and JSA welfare benefits. As justification not all out of work individuals will be able to fulfill the strict eligibility criteria for income related ESA and JSA. Introduction of universal credit has made it harder to gain eligibility for income related ESA and JSA.

Existent welfare cuts under coalition government have resulted in traumatic stressful scenarios for several welfare applicants including many severe vulnerable disabled people. Abolition of national insurance contributory ESA and JSA is predictably going to worsen this situation causing greater suffering.

Time limiting contributory based ESA in the WRAG group to 12 months has led to some families/households which include an out of work mental or physically ill/ disabled person experiencing severe financial problems. Logically a period of 12 months is insufficient time to recover from some serious mental or physical health conditions and in addition find employment again. In the worst case scenario an ill person’s family could become unable to subsidise additional financial costs to household of keeping ill/ disabled person within home. Resultant to financial difficulties in rare extreme cases a disabled person maybe rehoused in local authority care residence thus costing taxpayer more in the longer term. Evidence source DPAC, radio news programs. Alternatively time limiting ESA benefit to 12 months can make disabled/ill person less independent as they become financially reliant on other people in household.

Households where 2 or more people work may struggle to meet essential household bills e.g. mortgage, utility bills if one person becomes unemployed /too ill to work. These households combined income from working individual/s may make household ineligible to income related welfare benefits. Under universal credit income related benefits entitlement of household is calculated on combined income of household. In the worst scenario household occupants may all become homeless if unable to meet their rent/mortgage commitments.

Government reform to national insurance act proposed will violate international law.
Where will the government stop in their proposed reforms to national insurance act?
If government are able to successfully abolish some national insurance benefit entitlements like national insurance contributions based ESA and JSA welfare benefits will national insurance contribution based component of pension be next welfare benefit under threat? In future will persons eligibility to national insurance contribution based pension be based on their current income?
If the national insurance bill in UK changes irrevocably this will be a seismic blow to UK welfare provision.

The international presidence is violated through the 1948 declarations of human rights articles: 1, 2, 3 and article 22. In particular article 22 details the right to social security. Simularily the 1998 human rights act in articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 details more human rights violations that would occur by the government changing social security law.

The UK is 15th out of 15th richer European countries in generosity of benefits (source eurostat). The UK is under investigation for discrimination against disabled people by the United nations. The council of Europe has criticised the inadequate level of UK benefits. The UK government have violated the 1976 treaty on the international convention of economic and social rights. This violation means that vulnerable people are not getting the quality basic diet they require by the denial of financial benefits.

At one extreme the bankers are getting a subsidy of £30 bn a year (source new economics foundation). The failure of the government to make the bankers repay their £1 trillion pound debt means UK government is not providing adequately for vulnerable ordinary people. Vulnerable ordinary people including the working class population are being deprived of money for the basics of food and shelter. The very least one civilised human can give another is safety, security, food, shelter and stability of living conditions. The UK government proposed policies if enacted may make life for vulnerable disabled and some working people living in the UK little better then those living in the developing third world. The UK government proposals largely can be attributed the extreme greed of a minority sector of population the financial elite. The fact that 6000 people have been hospitalised in UK hospitals for malnutrition in the past year is testament to that. Moreover there are confirmed cases where vulnerable people have committed suicide unable to suffer further additional poverty measures under the welfare cuts. Statistical data verifies the suicide rate in UK population has risen each time the conservative government has been in power since 1900 to 2000.

Please do support this petition link

Protest and other forms of constructive peaceful well organised / demonstrated objection from the public, electoral voters is needed. Otherwise the UK is going down the American system of tyranny of the poor by the rich via the sheer virtue of their wealth. The UK will reach the situation where UK cannot guarantee our citizens food and shelter because of the decimation of the welfare state.

Thank you in advance for reading my email

kind regards

alison bush
16b Osbaston close

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