Automation at DWP- jobs replaced with machines?

According to an article on , artificial intelligence automation software has been used to automatically process 42% of the documentation submitted with PIP claims. This news comes at a time when more people are being enrolled on digital sign in software and the DWP announced projected job losses of 30% in the next five years.


There were conspirisy theories back in the old days about machines replacing human jobs and for the DWP this certainly seems to be the case.

The automated programme can streamline the document sorting process even scouring bus tickets and handwritten letters, to ‘ increase producivity and cut costs.’

So the next time the DWP inform you they have lost your supporting evidence, there is a 42% chance it could have been machine error, not human error that added to your woes.

As David Blair, Head of IT Design and Technology at the DWP, said: “We’ve proven that Automate can take the scanned images of all of these documents and categorise them better and more accurately than trained staff can, and that the system can flag up when we’re making mistakes in our categorisation.”

One comment

  1. So thats why so much post sent to DWP post Handling Site Wolverhampton never makes it to the benefit processing center’s?


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