David Duncan- Sanctioned For Having A Heart Attack

Same Difference

A jobseeker had his benefits cut when a heart attack left him unable to attend his Jobcentre appointment.

David Duncan’s jobseeker’s allowance was stopped last week after the 58-year-old suffered a major cardiac arrest.

He was due to attend his appointment two days later, but finding himself under the surgeon’s knife as he had blockages cleared from his arteries and two stents fitted didn’t win him any sympathy from staff.

David told the Daily Record: “I suffered a major heart attack – but apparently that isn’t a good enough reason for missing an appointment at the Jobcentre in Dunfermline.”

 He spoke out about his ordeal on the day the Tories made it clear that things are only going to get worse for benefits claimants. You can read about some of the most ridiculous benefits sanctions here.

Brushing aside the concerns of tens of thousands of protesters who took to…

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