Why so negative about austerity march? -Opinion

‘ Oh but the taxman on the television is saying austerity has to happen and it’s only 250,000 people in a country of 60 million’ 

STOP. This is what they want you to say. Remember who owns the mainstream media. BBC News made it very obvious which side of the coin they fall on by interviewing someone from the Taxpayers Alliance who says austerity has to happen. Events in Greece are also twisted into the narrative because world governments, the EU included aren’t going to admit they have been lieing and persuing IDEOLOGICAL austerity for the last five years.

‘Athens needs to cut welfare’ one BBC reporter stated last night. Take them with a pinch of salt, they have the biggest lie ever and the media is not here to serve us. It serves the government. They will do everything in their power to dismiss, lie and cover up for the status quo.

Yesterday, JSUK shared RTs coverage of the march, which had an economist stating austerity is not needed and has lead to the slowest recession recovery ever. Where were the people like him on mainstream media? No where. Even Channel 4 News had someone shouting down the opinions of a speaker who was at the march, remember the old saying:

‘ If a lie is repeated enough it is eventually accepted as truth’.

As admin of JSUK News since 2013 I have seen many lies told in the media. So many that I have lost count and can’t remember them all. My local MP also did a BBC article stating lies about youth unemployment a week after I left  a few comments on his Facebook. The mass media is nothing but a cover up machine. It’s losing grip of the people, and 250,000 people (or more) marched in London to prove this.

The tell tale sign that the Government are scared however, is their response today. You can take this at face value or read between the lines.

From The Guardian:

“George Osborne is to press ahead with £12bn of welfare cuts despite disquiet among some of his colleagues about the scale of the proposed reductions and anti-austerity protests in a number of UK cities.

The chancellor and Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, said in an article for the Sunday Times that they still intended to make deep cuts.

There have been reports in recent weeks that the cuts could be delayed or scaled back over fears they would be too damaging, coming on top of the £21bn of reductions in the last parliament.

“This government was elected with a mandate to implement further savings from the £220bn welfare budget,” the two ministers said. “For a start, we will reduce the benefit cap, and have made clear that we believe we need to make significant savings from other working-age benefits.

“We will set out in detail all the steps we will take to bring about savings totalling £12bn a year in next month’s budget and at the spending review in the autumn.”

There are two points to be made from this quote. The first being that the Chancellors own collegues are warning him about the scale of cuts and have already been rattled by austerity protests. They are basically saying that if more cuts are brought in, the protests will grow. That’s what I read into it anyway. The second point is the recent reports of scaling back, again showing fear of the impact of the welfare cuts.

The Peoples Assembly are already planning their next protest, this time at the next Tory party conference. Last time 60,000 people attended.

Previous anti austerity marches in London attracted about 70,000. Forward to now and it’s 250,000. This time in five years? As cuts hit  more people, more people become victims and look for answers, whatever they may be.

I think we should champion the growth in numbers, not feel dismayed because the taxman (money robber) supports austerity. ( Money robbing.)  There are bankers on the boards of many mainstream news channels, so really what kind of coverage can we expect? There are alternatives to austerity, but you will never hear them on TV.

Lot’s of people also couldn’t make it down to London. I feel that, had the unions provided transport they could have easilly topped one million. So the next time the pro government expert is chatting on the government owned media about what the government has to do and why protesters are silly, just remember, it’s growing and they are scared between the lines.

There’s no mistake that the ‘snoopers charter’, restrictions on unions striking and other laws are also being brought in at this time to. The news lies and will discredit through stealth any opposition to main Government narratives. There may be the odd glimpse of truth sometimes, but mostly it is dismissed, shouted down or misquoted.

( Or they let the Government have the last word, A DWP spokesperson said….)

They won’t admit it, but they are more scared than we realise. The trickle down effect, they get told to make cuts by the IMF,they aren’t doing them through choice. This could be their Tony Blair Iraq war moment, making silly decisions against mass  public opinion.  Time will tell.

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