The cuts are killing

An estimated 68,000 have died as a result of the Austerity cuts in Great Britain. Today, the Independent Living Fund will end. From now on support will come from local authorities from non-ring fenced transitional funding from the government leaving many without support.

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  1. Reblogged this on toriesslowlykillingbritain and commented:
    This not some made up pulled from the air statistic this is real and really happening..
    For God Sake UK wake up and stand up for what is much more will it take for people to do what is right!
    How can the Population of the UK really sleep at night knowing that they voted in a government of evil murderers and not stand up and do something..?
    You know I never ever thought I would say this..but I seriously feel ashamed to be British recently when the British people can stand by and see the most vulnerable in society being so badly treated and do nothing..
    What ever happened to the British attitude of standing up for what is right no matter what ..and the Morals and sense of community our Country once stood for?


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