Cuts are coming…

Karen ‘Wills’ Smith- *Not my words but please share*

As the ’emergency budget’ approaches on Wednesday there are a lot of worried and scared people. With the cessation of the Independent Living Fund last week, a LOT of disabled people now have little/no access to work – people who WANT to work! Higher earners will pay more for social housing and lose a LOT in tax credits – and this will not just affect higher earners. Osborne announced a higher threshold on earnings before paying tax but this is not coming anywhere near to off-setting the losses families will feel. People are going to be THOUSANDS out of pocket.

Those on ESA in WRAG could lose £30-40 PER WEEK and on top of this be asked to bay a minimum of 10-20% of their rent – only those in Social Housing of course because after all – the Government don’t want to go upsetting their favourite private landlord donors and supporters. That means in total, sick and disabled could lose an additional minimum of £50-80 per week – PER WEEK!!

When benefits are allowed, they are the minimum amount given to LIVE on. This means food and bills.

When it comes to winter we will see a lot more deaths, pneumonia and other cold related illnesses. A lot of people/families already choose whether to ‘heat or eat’ during colder months, there is going to be no choice now. It will be eat and freeze.

We have a Government guilty of the worst oppression in modern times in this country. A government who stigmatises and takes from those with close to nothing but no signs of going after the big corporations who owe billions in tax. A government who pays to keep people unemployed – by paying companies a fee to take on people on workfare for their benefit money – modern day slavery.

We have a Government who cares nothing for the general economics of this country. This country does not even have an economic treadmill anymore – it has a hamsters wheel. It is good to look after business, but if the consumers are not being looked after – which after-all – every business needs – then it rapidly comes to a point where the consumers have no spending power at all – and the hamster cannot be fed and thus dies.

Balance is non-existent today. Yes there will always be rich and poor. But there also needs to be balance and even common sense in realising that if you keep taking from people who have close to nothing – they get to the point where they have nothing to lose and then it becomes dangerous and usually with innocent people caught in the crossfire.

The tories portrayed themselves as being for the working man and now they have started the same assault on them as they have with the poor, sick and disabled by altering things to suit themselves – even to the point of redefining poverty so that ‘poverty on paper’ looks better for them.

The omnipotence displayed by them is nothing short of despotism and oppression to all fellow men if they are not prepared to tow the line – altering and hushing others as they go……….yet so many swallowed their bile and will now pay for it heavily at cost to their families.ids

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