Volunteers hand out 5,000 meals to Leeds’ neediest

They’ve been handing out free meals to some of Leeds’s neediest individuals and families every month, and they’re not about to stop anytime soon.

The Leeds With The Homeless project, run by a group of young Muslims from across the city, has handed out an estimated 5,000 meals since it started.


And during the month of Ramadan – which is a special period of charity, goodwill and spiritual reflection for Muslims – the volunteers have upped their efforts.

The group pay for the food out of their own pockets, and invite people to come and share a meal with them.

Starting out as a way to reach out to the city’s homeless, the project has expanded to include anyone in need of essential nutrition and a listening ear.

As well as food, the group also hand out clothes and hygiene packs.

A housing support officer from Leeds City Council is also on hand to offer advice.

The sessions are held on Fridays from 6.30pm outside Leeds Art Gallery and regularly attract 100 people.

he monthly gathering has been extended to a weekly one during the festival of Ramadan, which ends this weekend with the Eid feast.

To celebrate a successful year for the project, a special Eid With The Homeless dinner will be held at Trinity Church in Boar Lane on Friday, July 31.

Regular sessions will then be resumed in August and will continue on the last Friday of every month,

Adil Hussain, 26, a founder member of the project, explained: “We started out helping the homeless, but we welcome anyone who needs a good meal.

“It’s all been done by word of mouth and via Facebook.

“We want to show people that this is what young Muslims are really about, but anyone can get involved. We would urge people to get involved or just come down and join us.”

From Yorkshire Evening Post. Find original here.

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