JSUK Opinion- Iain Duncan Smith and benefit death figures

Do you remember the TV show Looney Tunes? More specifically the road runner ones?

In each episode the coyote would chase down the road runner,  after trying endlessly he  would eventually catch him, then at the last moment the road runner would always get the upper hand.  This is how it feels with Iain Duncan Smith and calls to release the information of benefit claimant death inquiries. People have tried endlessly to get his department to release the figures.

He was challenged on TV on the issue before the election where he claimed the department does not collect such information.

Then, a couple of days ago he contradicted himself and  blamed Labour for not releasing statistics and stated they will eventually release the statistics. ( Don’t hold your breathe.)

There was a TV show last year  that exposed the fact that the reports and investigations into 49 benefit related deaths  do exist, and the DWP have  also previously confirmed it themselves.

People have pitched freedom of information requests only to have them denied.


I could go on, but ask yourself this.

What do they have to hide?

It takes a special kind of bastard to kill people and lie to cover it up.

He never gets called out on contradicting himself either.

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