Teen who makes sandwiches for Watford’s homeless nominated for Yopey

A teenager who makes sandwiches for homeless people in Watford and looks after a boy with severe disabilities has been nominated for an award.


Keshet Dor, a pupil at Yavneh College, in Hillside Avenue, Borehamwood, is one of hundreds who could win the Young Person of the Year award (YOPEY).

Every month, the 13-year-old helps a group of adults who make 150 sandwiches which are delivered to the New Hope Trust’s Haven Support Centre, in Watford, for homeless adults.

She also volunteers for disability charity, Kisharon, in Parson Street, Hendon, and spends one day a week reading to an 11-year-old boy who struggles to walk and is unable to speak.

And when she had her Bat Mitzvah, she gave the £300 she received as presents to help Kisharon buy computer software to help an adult who has communication difficulties talk.

Keshet also runs services at Elstree and Borehamwood Synagogue for children every Saturday, often by herself without adult help She was nominated by her headteacher, Dr Melanie Lee.

She said: “Keshet gives her time wherever and whenever she sees a need to help someone.

“She loves reading to the boy – she says it makes her feel rewarded to see him so happy.

“Keshet is incredibly mature, very caring and always looking to help others. If I need any help at school she will willingly volunteers and always carries out her duties fantastically.”

f Keshet is crowned the Herts Young Person Of the Year, she will win £300.

Yopey is sponsored by Smith Milne Accountants, in Rickmansworth, Mitsubishi EElectric, Orange Amplification, Borehamwood and two housing associations in Watford.

Keshet said: “It just feels nice to give something away to help somebody. I love doing things with kids. I have done so since an early age.
“I like the fact that I’m helping to feed 75 homeless people.

“If there are any loaves or fillings left over we give them to the centre so that they can use them.”

Lara Domjan, volunteer co-ordinator at Kisharon, said Keshet is a committed volunteers who leads by example.

She said: “She is going out of her way to help a young child who attends Kisharon’s day school and who has a severe learning disability.

“Keshet has worked out ways to to successfully communicate, understand and entertain the boy, giving some respite to the parents and the rest of the family.

“She is mature beyond her years, but is also very modest.”

Last year, she spent a week of her summer holiday volunteering at a day camp organised through Kisharon’s Tuffkid Nursery, in Hendon which helps youngsters who have physical difficulties.

The above article is from the Watford Observer. Find the original here.

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