“Brutal” benefit sanctions highlighted at Norwich protest

More than 20 people from the charities Equal Lives, DPAC Norfolk & Suffolk and their supporters demonstrated outside the Job Centre at Kiln House yesterday.


Mark Harrison, chief executive of Equal Lives, said: “We want the public to know just how brutal the sanctioning regime is. Disabled parents are losing their benefits for months at a time for no good reason and their children are going hungry. We call on the Government to end this cruel and degrading policy immediately.”

In 2013 more than one million people had their benefits stopped, which Mr Harrison said was leaving poor and disabled people destitute.

Equal Lives was formed in 1996 by groups of disabled people in Norfolk. It provides advice that covers all Department of Work and Pensions benefits relating to illness and disability and support, advice and information for the families and carers of disabled people.

The article above is from http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/brutal_benefit_sanctions_highlighted_at_norwich_protest_1_4174158


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