Somerset tourists urged to join ‘biggest ever badger cull protest march’

AN appeal has been made to holidaymakers in the West County to join what is thought to be the biggest protest march against the badger cull to be held in Somerset to date.

Anti-badger cull demonstation on College Green. Photo by Dan Regan 30/11/2013

Protesters urged people holidaymaking in Somerset to join their protest march and vigil scheduled for Taunton in a fortnight’s time.

The Badger Trust is organising the demonstration, to mark the start of the third autumn of the trial cull in West Somerset and West Gloucester.

A roll-out of the trial area to cover parts of Dorset and Devon is also being proposed this year.

The controversial cull has met fierce opposition from an umbrella group of animal rights activists and badger supporters.

Now The Badger Trust is promoting its latest protest march, which it hopes will be buoyed by a crowd of holidaymakers in Somerset at the time.

The protest is being planned for Taunton’s Vivary Park at 1pm on Saturday, August 15.

Under the headline: “Badger Army on the move once more,” the trust said it was working with Somerset Badger Patrol to arrange ‘a further peaceful march’.

Badger Trust boss Dominic Dyer said: “If you are holidaying in the area take the opportunity to support the event and use social media to encourage others to do the same.

“Sadly, badger culling will take place soon for the third year in succession in Somerset and Gloucestershire and is likely to start once the harvest has been brought in.

“We aim to make this the biggest peaceful protest ever seen in the West Country, to which you can safely bring your family and friends to raise awareness of this inhumane, ineffective and unscientific act against a defenceless animal. They have no voice other than ours – please join us to speak for them,” he added.

As well as Mr Dyer, guest speakers at the event will also include Mark Jones from the Born Free Foundation, Pauline Kidner from the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre and Adrian Coward from the Somerset Badger Group and Patrol.

The organisers said they were also hoping to arrange a ‘vegan food stall’ in Cleeve Abbey for the walk, and are planning a vigil afterwards and an evening walk too.

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