Disabled Kidderminster woman has benefits cut despite worsening condition

A DISTRAUGHT disabled Kidderminster woman has had her benefits slashed despite developing another illness that has affected her further.

Hayley Wigley, from Blakedown, had been in receipt of the enhanced rate Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which gave her £411.40 per month due to her suffering a string of conditions including bipolar disorder, chronic back pain and asthma.11221351_1171106062904547_270512612856075294_n

And earlier this year, the 44-year-old discovered she had contracted fibromyalgia disease, which causes pain throughout her body, memory loss and sleeping problems, and informed the Department of Work of Pensions of this.

But she was left astonished when she received a letter last month informing her that her PIP allowance would be reduced to the standard rate of just £55.10 per week.

She has also been told she has lost an additional mobility payment, which gave her an extra £20 per week.

Ms Wigley, who tragically lost her 19-year-old daughter Jamie-Lee seven years ago and now lives alone, has submitted a ‘mandatory reconsideration’ to challenge the decision.

Ms Wigley said: “I could not believe it when I received their letter. I already suffered from a range of illnesses and conditions and I was judged eligible for the enhanced allowance.

“The fibromyalgia has affected me even further. Simply banging my elbow can cause excruciating pain.

“It causes memory loss and sometimes results in me sleeping for 20 hours and therefore means I don’t take my medication when I’m supposed to.

“But when I told the DWP of this development, I didn’t expect them to cut my benefits by almost £300 per month when my health has deteriorated so much.

“They even sent someone out to carry out an assessment and he could see just how much pain I was in and the difficulties I encounter.
“As well as paying for essentials, I need that money to pay for a carer who can help me with basics such as shopping and ensuring bills are paid.

“How could they possibly come to this decision when my health has got much worse? My life is completely controlled by my illness but now it feels as if I can’t have a life.”

The above article is quoted from http://www.kidderminstershuttle.co.uk/news/13576486.display/

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