Couple Force DWP To Remove “Inaccurate” Video Of Them

The DWP has been forced to remove the promotional video on Universal Credit, just a day after they had to remove a leaflet featuring made-up quotes.

The video, online since February, featured a young couple from Warrington who described their experience of the newly introduced Universal Credit system.

Speaking to LBC, the couple – who want to remain anonymous – say the video “wasn’t a fair reflection” of their experience. When they described how money they claimed took more than a month to reach them, the couple say staff at the video shoot in the family’s home told them not to talk about it.
The couple also claim that a DWP advisor actually told the mother of one that she didn’t need to get back into work and could continue to claim benefits, despite the video being about getting back into work.

The Department for Work and Pensions removed the video this afternoon following contact with the couple and LBC. In a statement a DWP spokesperson said: “We always seek permission from people for their videos to be used. Taking part is entirely voluntary. If someone later changes their mind, they can ask for the video to be taken down.”


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