The man behind Jeremy Kyle’s ‘ Get a job’ snipe.


A couple of weeks ago I had a surreal experience. Two episodes of Jeremy Kyle were frequented by people I have actually met and know on a personal basis. This added a new level to the show I have never felt before. I could go into a million and one things, but I would like to share one moment in particular which featured a man called Ernie. The rest of the episode aside, one moment really summed up how Jeremy tries to twist things despite knowing nothing about the people he interviews. He yells into Ernie’s face ‘ Why don’t you get a job?’ to which Ernie replies meekly, ‘ I have worked in the past.’

This is only half the story. When I first met Ernie in Manchester centre with friends he had been sanctioned by the Jobcentre and so had the people around him. As mentioned he had worked in the past and on the day in question he and a few other people I know were helping me hand out CVs in Manchester centre. Ernie was looking in shop windows for job vacancies with ‘Gaz’ from the previous episode. He was really trying to help me and a fully nice gentleman. Does this sound like someone who should be shouted at to ‘ get a job’ and made to feel bad on TV?

Do you honestly think a man who has worked in the past would prefer to remain sanctioned with no money if he could get a job?

In a way it kind of sums up the whole mentality of the system, people yell and accuse before they walk in the shoes of the people affected by the welfare reforms. Ernie was also doing his best to look for work himself but as the sanctions were hitting people around him as well, that takes over your mind and distracts you. If you were to watch Jeremy Kyle though he is nothing more than a lazy person without a job. Jeremy also retorted to calling him ‘ the slowest milkman in the west’, referring to an old song with the lyrics ‘Ernie the fastest milk man in the west.’ The only ‘slow’ person here is the one yelling ‘get a job’ like a little child, hiding behind security and belittling people without even thinking about anything outside of their own ego.  There are reports that the Jeremy Kyle production team go around local estates looking for guests and offering them money to be on the show. This would make sense considering Ernie an the other people I know live close to the studio.

Jeremy Kyle isn’t alone in nasty sterotyping of course, Judge Rinder also belittles people for not having a job and scoffed at someone as they said they had problems at the Jobcentre, but what do you expect with it being the same production company?

I want to stop watching these shows I really do, but there’s an old saying, know your enemy. The mentality of what is shown rubs off on the public and with all the other shows towing the same lines it’s no wonder hate crimes on benefit claimants and disabled people have gone up.

Editor notes-

  • I was debating in my mind if to post about this for a few weeks but, I feel it has to be said.
  • I’ve tried to keep this as less opinionated and fact based as possible without resorting to calling Jezza a twat.
  • Other people might know Ernie more personally I’m just saying what happened when I met him.
  • Boycott Jeremy Kyle.


  1. Complete and utter shit! I know Ernie personally. He’s my daughters father (whom hes never seen in her life!) so i have grounds to post facts. Hes never worked and couldnt hold a job if he found one, hangin around for cash in hand for the £30 when dereks carpets was still in bolton isnt work, he just wants a free life and looks for money to feed his drug abuse and booze habits, resorting to thieving and scamming, he has 4/5 different kids with 4/5 different women just for the money and when he thinks its run out he fucks off, when we were together he spent £5000 of my money in just a few short months mainly on his canabis and god knows whatever drug habbits aswell as boozing everyday none stop, he had a thing about canal street in Manchester and seemed to like dark nightclubs full of men.. Hmm? at the same time he was knocking another woman off who was pregnant by him also, when he thought my money had run low i told him i was pregnant, the first words out of his mouth were “well your not keeping it”! And he fucked off and left me on my own (at 16 he was about 32) and pregnant. He has never seen his daughter since the day she was born altho id never want him as a part of her life anyway. The 2nd woman who was pregnant he also ran off and left quickly, back to his 1st victim no1 Michelle whom is here on JK with, he already had one child with her but her being a little slow at times he ran back there for another ride again! He is now pretending to be homeless in Manchester city centre yet he is onto another victim whom im sure he lives with, his mother lives in little hulton and he has plenty of bagrat friends and cums ect that he can stay with back in bolton.. Bottom line he is a bum! A scounger lowlife piece of societies shit, moving from womam to woman spend their money get them pregnant and fuck off! Just a sorry excuse for a so called man!


    • Hi sorry for the late reply on this one. I can only write about how the person treated me personally and never had any problems with the guy. I’m sure had I known him longer I could have figured out his true character, but my article in light of recent news about the Jeremy Kyle show still stands.


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