Man hands out leftover sandwiches to homeless after getting sick of work canteen wasting food

All of us have seen food going to waste – but this man decided to do something about it.

Sick of his work canteen throwing copious amounts of food in the bin on a weekly basis, Simeon Gayle put it to good use instead and fed the homeless.

In a video, shot on his mobile phone, the 27-year-old explains that as each Friday rolls around, staff in the canteen at his place of work end up throwing perfectly good sandwiches away after being unable to sell them.

These sandwiches, he adds, are usually on sale for up to £5 each.

“Basically, at my workplace every Friday, there’s a whole heap of sandwiches that they usually sell for £3, £4 or £5,” he says.

“But because they can’t sell them on the weekends, they end up throwing them away.”

“I walk past a bunch of homeless people, hungry people on my way to work. I can’t let that happen,” he added.

Simeon then approaches a group of three homeless men sat on the street and hands out sandwiches to them.

He explains that he’ll be around each Friday to hand out the food, and encourages the three homeless men to tell as many people as they can.

[ Source- The Mirror]


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