JSUK Opinion- G4S- taxpayer scroungers


Is there anything outsourcing giant G4S won’t turn their hands to?

They’ve got their sights  on opening more privately ran Childrens homes, they profit from you if you get arrested and sent to court and they want to run the police forces across the land.

This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to G4S, an international outsourcing company that seems quite happy to profit from the taxpayer. They run work program  style schemes for the Jobcentre, which can range from six month community work placements to two year long courses that have been stated to be worse than doing nothing. They also fix up ambulances for the NHS and detain migrants overseas, leading to their deaths and reporting them as suicides. They do event security at Conservative conferences and bodge it up at the Olympics.

They get found guilty of overcharging for tagging offenders and even go so far as to beat someone to death with a fire extinguisher at a pop concert, not to mention killing immigrants by restraint as they board a flight.  One thing soon becomes apparent with G4S, they mess up time and time again and somehow keep winning contracts to run public services, profiting off taxpayers money and happily causing misery to thousands.

If I am late for even two minutes to a Jobcentre appointment I get my money stopped for 13 weeks, G4S can, it seems, bodge things up and continue as normal. The worst that happens is a contact gets revoked, they don’t have to pay anything, no one gets fired, no profits are lost. It’s like down at the Jobcentre, where they can harass and bully claimants, G4S are the untouchables, along with their brothers and sisters at Capita and Serco.

What makes G4S stand out however, is the fact they are always there for the government, like a dog poop on a shoe. Police cuts? G4S will run the force instead.

Privatized childrens homes? Yeah G4S will run those.

6 months workfare placements at JCP? Yeah, outsource those to G4S.

With the news this week that community support officers are to be given powers that enable them to arrest people for up to 30 minutes, how long before these powers become extended and G4S employees take their place? Everyone moans about the queen being a scrounger, the real scroungers are the companies making money off the taxpayer and not offering the services they promise, being unaccountable and laughing all the way to the bank.

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