If Trussell Trust Know Nothing About JobCentre Advisors In Foodbanks, Why Did They Suggest It Themselves?

Same Difference

Yesterday, in an email to campaigner Rick B, the Trussell Trust said they knew nothing about IDS’s plan to put job centre advisors in food banks.

Today, Same Difference has discovered very recent written evidence, sent by the Trussell Trust to the Work And Pensions Committee.

Points 22 and 23 of this written evidence were of particular interest to Same Difference. These appear to suggest that the Trussell Trust itself recommended to a committee of MPs that jobcentre advisors should be sent into food banks.

See for yourselves, readers:

22. There are some positive recommendations from foodbanks on how working with JCPs could better help clients. 28 of the 51 foodbanks suggested the single biggest thing Job Centre Plus could do locally would be to station an advisor in foodbanks for a few hours a week.  Themajority would welcome training for foodbank volunteers – and offered training to JCP advisers…

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