Facebook group buys pizza for homeless people in Leamington Spa during big freeze.

It’s the random acts of kindness which keep the world at it’s best. As we know, Social media can be used as a force for change. That’s exactly what the kind admins behind the Facebook page ‘Spotted Leamington Spa’ Facebook page inspired last night as temperatures plummeted to sub zero.

In a Facebook post, the page were asking for volunteers to join them in collecting  and delivering pizza to homeless people in the town. They also gave people directions on how to use the Wuntu app to get a free pizza from Dominios and sending along the code to the Facebook page, which would then be delivered to the homeless.


As well as delivering the Pizza to homeless people the page also inspired others to do similar acts of kindness themselves:


The page worked in getting the pizzas to the homeless and updated people as the night went along:

The mainstream politicians and media would have us believe social media is a hateful, spiteful place. This is to push their own agendas of internet censorship and we should do more to congratulate events like the one from Spotted.

This article is written by JSUK News admin. http://www.facebook.com/jsuknews 

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