Fake News to attack and use a homeless charity during the big freeze- Compassionate Conservatism

The charity named in the mainstream media as being linked to a fake homeless campaign has denied any involvement, accusing a ‘ National Tory newspaper’ of involving them in the campaign despite them going out of their way to say they weren’t involved.


Homeless charity Humanity Torbay had previously been accused by local business owners of attracting more homeless people to the town centre following the opening of one of their soup kitchens there.

So it’s probably very fitting that a local business man from Torbay set up a campaign to expose homeless people as fake in the town, with little to no evidence. It’s probably even more fitting that the mainstream media, including the BBC,  gave this idiot airtime yesterday to peddle lies and propaganda about homeless people. I’m sure it’s just co-incidence that Torbay happens to be a Conservative Council and the timing of this reaction and smears during the big freeze had nothing to do with local business owners seeing the rise in homelessness as a nuisance rather than a result of bad policies.

So, not only are the media attacking the homeless and vulnerable, they are also spreading lies and propaganda about a homeless charity trying to help them.

Remember when the mainstream media ran Benefits Street style shows one after the other to change the thoughts of the population against the people the government were harassing and targeting? This is no different.  Councils across the land are deploying PCSOs and billboards to tell people not to give to the homeless beggars and rough sleepers because, as with the welfare cuts, everyone’s a cheat until proven otherwise.

This is scary enough, but the local Conservative MP for Torbay wants more powers to oppress the homeless and rough sleepers.

As we saw with Iain Duncan Smith and White Dee, the lies continue into the House Of Commons. Using the mainstream media lead narrative to prop up the politicians fake and false narratives.

Conervative MP for Torbay Kevin Foster used Humanity Torbays name in vein yesterday with a call for changes in the law to criminalize homeless people more:

Click here to watch his speech where he name drops Humanity Torbay.

This stigma during the welfare cuts lead to a rise in disability hate crime, I see many things whilst researching this subject which I do not share, but some readers may remember me posting about a homeless man being attacked and murdered in broad daylight. I’ve seen similar attacks and sad stories, many of which are too harsh even for JSUK News to share.

As I stated in my last post, if they put as much time, effort and resources into helping people as they did trying to harass them or covering things up, we might have a better society, rather than The Conservatives ‘ big society.’

The above article is written by JSUK News admin. http://www.facebook.com/jsuknews 

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