The Universal Credit delays were deliberate- demolition of the welfare state by stealth

Back in 2014 I kept saying that the delays to Universal Credit are deliberate and designed to demolish the welfare state by stealth.

Because, let’s face it, if they released Universal Credit all at once the aim of sanctioning people to meet targets and thusly closing down Jobcentres across the land wouldn’t have been achieved would it?

In this weeks finally released Universal Credit reports from 2012 we can indeed see that the phased roll out of Universal Credit was indeed planned from the start:


So, why the pantomime about delays to Universal Credit if the 2012 feedback reports stated that it would be implemented in phases from the start? Surely our Government wouldn’t lie to us while creating organised chaos and false narratives to meet an end goal, right? Here’s a timeline of events:


In 2013 Iain Duncan Smith blamed Civil servants (not George Osborne) for apparent delays in the Universal Credit roll out. He maintained that the system will be rolled out ‘on time and on budget’ and repeated this in various interviews.   The Guardian article stated:

“Duncan Smith said Howard Shiplee, the construction director for the London 2012 Olympics who was brought in earlier this year to lead the delivery of universal credit, had said the project would be delivered on budget and on time. “The overall timetable of 2017 – we will deliver this in that timescale. It is a very important reform …”

Notice here that Iain Duncan Smith claimed an end goal of 2017, not 2018 as the original report stated.  Furthermore, the original stated national  roll out date of Universal Credit was October  2013. A crutch from which the stealth plans were made. There was no way a system wide change could have been done in so little time. From the same 2013 article:

 “It  was initially planned that the project would be introduced nationally by October this year, but pilot projects were delayed and are now going ahead in four areas.

The report was seized upon by Labour as evidence that Duncan Smith has covered up significant problems that could put welfare claimants and their families at risk. Liam Byrne, the shadow work and pensions secretary, described universal credit as a “Titanic-sized IT disaster”.”

So, while Labour were busy blaming IDS for his apparent  incompetence, the real plan of stealthily pushing claimants into debt and homelessness while reducing the stated official unemployment number could be obtained. The ‘new’ structure to rolling out UC was a stealth structure, which is what was intended from the start. There was evidence submitted to an enquiry in 2015 that Jobcentre advisers have targets to sanction X amount of people a week or be put on sanction like regimes themselves.

As this false narrative hit the mainstream media, people were being pushed into debt and sanctions.  It’s much easier to blame the intended results of the system on a bumbling politician than admit it’s all by design from the start.


In 2017 while getting criticised again, Iain Duncan Smith this time chose to blame George Osborne for Universal Credit delays claiming all funding came from the treasury and he was just trying to do the right thing. IDS is the good guy right? Pilot areas of Universal Credit saw increased homelessness and debt, while the Government claimed record employment levels. The fact is, people were being sanctioned and kicked off in their thousands, so much so that in the same year 89 Jobcentres closed nationally. IDS claimed that people can claim online.

Another intended consequence of Universal Credit according to the report is that it will take on a 24×7 Amazon model. In that, Jobcentre advisers could dictate to claimants things to do at early hours of the morning and possibly sanction them for not adhering to directions. This has yet to be implemented, but it’s another way of tripping claimants up.

During my own personal time on Universal Credit I was forced to prove I was doing 40 hours a week jobsearch. This was next to impossible. I was also set up for a sanction for not applying for a job literally opposite my house, which I did. After 13 weeks with no money but still being required to sign on and do everything else, I won my money back on appeal. 13 weeks for a first offence, which if I was in more risky circumstances would have gotten me evicted and in debt.  I saw people around me sanctioned for nothing, I heard a person being made to sign on everyday because the Jobcentre adviser didn’t like them. They’re making the system a nightmare for those who are unlucky enough to find themselves out of work.

So, the delays all being part of the design doesn’t surprise me at all. I knew back in 2014 and I now know for sure. Remember dear reader, if the Government wants to do something they will go to the ends of the earth and back to meet their end goal.

Problem, reaction, solution.

Of course, it wasn’t just Iain Duncan Smith who went along with all this. Esther McVey and other ministers carried the lies and propaganda of the delays being accidental, as well as our mainstream media. I wouldn’t mind so much if people weren’t dying in the meantime.


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  1. This is a one off meeting on Universal Credit IT systems chaired by Frank Field questioning Lord Freud who state’s clearly ‘It was a monumental mistake for all of government and the western world to outsource their IT’ He was asked why ministers went ahead with the rollout of UC fully aware that the IT systems was not fit for purpose even at trial stage and was almost obsolete. It’s a long meeting I listened to it in the background but had to go back and rewind it several times because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. None of the minister present have spoken a word about this in public and nobody seems to want to listen to it let alone discuss it
    Feb 2017 Subject: Universal Credit update
    Witnesses: Lord Freud, former Minister of State for Welfare Reform, Department for Work and Pensions


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