That picture of Theresa May looking disgusted at a school child isn’t what it seems

This morning a viral image of Jeremy Corbyn playing with school children during a school visit juxtaposed to Theresa May apparently looking disgusted at a child during a recent school visit did the rounds, much to the mockery of social media commentators.


The image originates from when Huffington Post ran THIS ARTICLE  in 2017 stating that Jeremy Corbyn puts Theresa May to shame when it comes to photo opportunities with school children showing pictures of Jeremy Corbyn next to Teresa May making cupcakes with school children while she apparently looks disgusted at them.

jeremy corbyn

What the article fails to mention is that the moment in Theresa Mays visit that the picture is from is in-fact from a moment where they were discussing turtles being ran over. A quick Google search of the same image brings up the Daily Mail article from 2017:


Of course in the run up to local elections when you support one political party over another it’s very easy to share images out of context on social media. However, sharing fake news and images out of  context to political point score not only discredits your page and news service, it also discredits yourself and your trust with readers. If it was Jeremy Corbyn who looked disgusted at the thought of discussing turtles being ran over it would be span the other way.

Misleading images and articles discredit causes, movements and media outlets and sadly this isn’t an isolated incident.

(Although I am surprised Theresa didn’t keep smiling during the conversation. With what she’s inflicting on humans, turtles shouldn’t matter to her.)

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