The bleak future of global food- lab made synthetic products because eating food is bad for the planet.

There has been a big push from Globalists this week to sell the idea of a planetary diet being good for the future of humankind. As well as numerous global news websites reporting the positive outcomes from the diet, (including our beloved BBC and CNN networks,) David Attenborough seemed to be pushing similar sentiments during todays World Economic forum interview with Prince William.

During the interview Attenborough claimed that every mouthful of food we eat is bad for the planet because it comes from nature. This is of course, nothing but very thinly veiled propaganda for the United Nations Agenda 21 (recently renamed Agenda 30 because they are running behind,) plan to control every aspect of everyones lives on a global scale, akain to George Orwells 1984.


As well as the push for the planetary diet, there has also been global propaganda for lab made food and the proposed benefits it will offer us.

If you go to Youtube and type in ‘lab made food’ the top results are nothing but prasieful, despite current food having added GMOs and additives which cause health complications. Would you trust lab made food in a post Brexit Britain?

Michael Gove previously stated this month that the changes to the food chain are inevitable in a post Brexit Britain and we should embrace the changes. This co-incided with the new Agriculture bill which left U.K farmers with less rights and provisions than before.

The UK’s National Farming Union also wrote to the Government asking them to rule out a no deal Brexit a few months ago with little to no media coverage. They stated fears about U.K farming in the event of a no deal.

In the event of no deal farmers would also face tarrifs on goods of up to 40%.

As this push towards running down farms and organic food production is global it is no surpise that our globalist controlled Government is pushing the global agenda under the fog of tackling ‘climate change.’ If the planetary diet goes through when no other options are avalible we open ourselves up fully to the rest of Agenda21. (Little parts such as gentrifcation, austerity and fracking have already started, but 1984 will be truly in force if we allow this to continue.)

When you take a mouthful of food tonight, whatever it may be, remember you are harming the planet and all food is bad. Then again, it be a mothful of something else we are consuming of when listening to these clowns at the World Economic Forum.

  • The UK is 60% farmland. As the Government wants to build houses on greenbelt land, they obviosuly care about the enviroment don’t they?
  • Some farms in the UK have already been struggling and sold off the land they own to housing developers.
  • Once the EU farming grants go under no deal Brexit, this will make farmers struggle even more.
  • As always, ask yourself who beneftis from organised chaos, if it’s food, the NHS, police shortages or divide and rule. Keep an open mind and research everything.

A video explaining the planetary diet and how it will be bad for us on a health level from a vegan Youtuber can be watched here:

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