The community of Brexit stockpilers and why you should start.

Another day another step closer to the long planned no deal Brexit which will enable the next step of the globalist agenda imposed on our country.

It seems that the hashtag #Whatsinyourstockpile is popular on Twitter among those preparing for food and medincine shortages with accounts dedicated to giving information and advice on what to stockpile, how to do it and pointing out it’s not project fear.

The reports of fuel, medincine and food shortages will come true.

But, all that aside. If you don’t think you should stockpile here are three very simple reasons that anyone can agree on:

  1. Food prices, especially meat will go up after Brexit. Save yourself some money and shop now.
  2. Farmers will lose European subsidies and face tarrifs of up to 40% to export food to the EU under WTO rules.
  3. The economy is forcast to crash to the worst level since the 2008 financial crisis.

Those are just a few of the reasons and here’s the biggest one:

The Government are trying to crash farms to push lab made food as per other places in the world. As if junk food wasn’t already bad enough, there is a globalist push to control the global food supply. Just Google the terms ‘planetary diet’ or ‘lab made food’ and see for yourself.

Oh also this video proves that our Government are working to the plan:

It’s the same as crashing the NHS or education to privatise them. They want full control of the food supply. Food and medincine shortages were used as weapons to cripple Venezuela in 2018. While for slightly different reasons, people had no access to medincines or food when the initial impact of the economy collapsing started. Maybe non of this will be as a result of Brexit, but the result of an economic crash as a result of no deal. Then we can kiss the NHS goodbye once and for all. EU food standards laws will go, meaning we will be able to import sub par products from America, when Trump gives us a UK, USA trade deal.

If you would like more information on how to stockpile you can contact theironingfairy on Twitter who is offering free advice on what to stockpile and why you should. There is also this Independent article which explains how to stockpile.

March marks the start of a long walk into the final stages of crashing the country to meet the goals of the globalist new world order, Austerity was just the start.

Please stockpile if you are able to. If not, please buy extra and plan ahead.

Thank you for reading.

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