UBI- The global plan for total control


Austerity is global. The rises in poverty are global. The push for Universal Basic Income is global. Jeremy Corbyn has stated his support for UBI, which disability campaigners have stated will have a negative impact on them.

What could be more better than replacing a system that has tough conditionailty attached to it, plunging people into debt, hoemlessness and poverty, with a new system that gets everyone under the thumb of Government control and conditionality even more.

When the welfare state was introduced it didn’t contain conditionality. Sure you had to go along to the Jobcentre but it was a far cry from the evil system we have now. But, here’s the thing. Even Universal Credit isn’t unique to the United Kingdom. Iain Duncan Smith went to Australia and other countries championing the system and they adopted it to a tee. Facebook pages similar to mine often state how similar our systems are, even down to long call times and sanction targets to cut the welfare bills.

Basicincome.org is a website that curates global basic income news. Much like the welfare state of old it is being championed as a solution to problems the global economic system has helped create. It states that the UBI is unconditional and applies to everyone- but for how long woud that last?

Contrast and compare to Chinas social credit system, where people are rated on how they behave and it’s not hard to see that UBI could be ripe for misuse down the line, much like Universal Credit and similar global systems replaced the originally well intentioned welfare states.

In conclusion it’s a case of be careful what you wish for. UBI will apply to every citizen, they say it’s to combat the jobs that will be taken by upcoming Artificial Intelegence and synthetic humans and there may be some truth within that, but we should be aiming for more compassionate societies in general, ones where people support one another instead of relaying on Government handouts with impossible demands attached that drive people to suicide and destitution.

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