£42M profit for 160 MPs who sold houses YOU paid for.

From the Daily Mirror:

“Campaigners last night demanded MPs who pocketed vast sums after flogging their taxpayer-subsidised homes pay back the cash.

Michael Gove, Nick Clegg and others were included.

On the 10th anniversary of the Westminster expenses scandal that shocked Britain, the Mirror can reveal 160 politicians raked in more than £42million in profits selling properties public money helped fund. 

Among them are Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who made £870,000 on two homes, ex-Cabinet minister Maria Miller, who collected more than £1.2million, Tory Graham Brady and Labour ’s Hugh Bayley. 

These are the properties on which politicians reclaimed thousands of pounds in mortgage interest payments at public expense under the discredited old expenses system. 

Under parliamentary rules they are entitled to keep the money. But with trust in politicians still low after the expenses scandal and the ongoing Brexit shambles, critics insist if MPs want to regain trust they should hand the money to the Treasury.

Former chairman of the Committee of Standards in Public Life, Sir Alistair Graham, said: “People should not be making a profit. It was there to help them meet their public ­responsibilities. You should not be profiting out of special taxpayer funds. 

“You should repay any gain you made over that period. 

“The arrangement was made purely to take into account MPs who came from the North who would struggle to meet the housing costs. 

“It would need to be carefully ­calculated but Independent ­Parliamentary Standards Authority has done this before and they can do it again. I don’t think anything will restore trust, it’s at such a low ebb, but it’s the right thing to do.” “

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  1. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. When the rules changed, the horizon programme showed that where mp’s had mortgages, they now were renting to other mp’s, then renting another property themselves so both could claim and the mp owner still got his money to pay his mortgage via his tennant. After the screening, it went quiet till now.


  2. Prior to the next election the names of all the MPs who made money this way need to be listed so we don’t vote them back in again.


  3. And let’s not forget the Speaker. Three property sales allegedly raking in a fortune at point of sale.
    Plus no way will he give up on his accommodation. Have you seen it? Henry VIII had nothing on Mr Bercows luxurious pad. Money? No object ……… It’s only peasants cash.


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