Youtube censors ‘borderline content’ but what does that mean?

By Tim Rawlinson Jsuk News admin

We all know the big tech companies have been silencing what they consider to be ‘dangerous’ or ‘harmful’ content for a good few years now, but Youtubes treatment of Tommy Robinson recently has set a new bar for weird rules that doesn’t make much sense if you break it down.

Tommy Robinson doesn’t get banned but Alex Jones does. Quashing freedom of speech in both cases, but why the different outcomes?

Censorship for one, censorship for all. But it’s inconsistent and applies to everyone who doesn’t tow the elitist agenda.

Shadow banning is a term used for restricting peoples reach but not banning them entirely. While some people like Alex Jones get kicked off the platforms entirely, (all at once on the same day might I add,) others like myself find themselves posting into a void and not being able to reach people for daring to stray off the Governments mainstream narratives, usually with fact based information.

Whether you agree with mine, Alex or Tommys treatment or not, the fact that there are different ways of censoring people is telling. They created a strawman argument to censor Alex (with false and exaggerated media reports), who massively goes against the one world Government tyranny plans, but seem to allow Tommy but only to his actual audience. So what, are we ranked on how disruptive we are to the agenda?

Last week Youtube acted to significantly restrict Robinson’s visibility on it’s platform. While their terms of service state that they will not ban channels for being political, this is simply not true. Many channels have been banned on the left and right, but of course Conservatives are the main targets on liberal Youtube, ran by Google.

Youtube has removed comments, likes, viewer counts, suggested videos and live streaming from Robbinsons account. Much like the punishments for getting copyright strikes. He has also been removed from search engine results, but his videos are still allowed up anyway.

It’s very similar to how JSUK News and others have been treated on Facebook. Some original content pages on the right and left have been fully removed, while others have been restricted, like myself. They also remove comments and falsely report lower statistics to me. Some other organisations have claimed even paid promotions don’t work, but Facebook still take their money.

Here’s where it starts to get Orwellian.

Before being able to watch any of Tommy’s videos, Youtube will display a message that Youtube has identified Tommys content as ‘inappropriate or offensive for some audiences’ and users will have to give their consent before the video is allowed to be viewed.

So, why is it two different rules for two different people? Why are the rules inconsistent person to person? Could it be because Alex Jones called big tech and Google evil and fell out with the CEO? Could it be because Alex calls out George Soros but Tommy doesn’t? Something is fishy.

At JSUK News I do expose government corruption quite a bit and experiencing a shadow ban is really irksome, let alone a full ban.

Youtube and other social media sites such as Facebook are now going to face an Government regulator who could ban the websites all together in the UK if users are found to be put in harms way, similar to China. If the big tech companies want to become agents of the state, (more so than they already are,) then they at least need consistent rules.

Long gone are the days where opinions and facts were allowed to be voiced on these platforms, ask Alexa or Google home a question and they will read you an official answer from the tech companies. We don’t need to think Orwell’s dystonia is coming, it’s already here and long has been before the internet. Eventually we will all be silenced and the only media left will be the very same I spend every day on the internet counteracting with fact based information. If you cheer the censorship of fellow citizens because they don’t agree with your way of looking at things, you ultimately stifle debate and reasoning. The very staples of a democratic society. Isn’t this after all what Big Brother was trying to warn us about?

According to Youtube the new ‘borderline’ category includes videos that aren’t illegal but contain extremist, conspiratorial or misleading content that has been flagged by users. When this expands, we will ultimately all be censored unless we are a mouthpiece for the elites, who are enslaving us all more day by day.

To have a point you also have to have a counter point whether you agree with it or not. That’s the way the universe works. It’s almost like we are all feeding algorithms for a non human AI and robotic system which will control us all in the future.

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