The maximum fine for breaking the new ‘harmful conduct’ code is £20M.

By Tim Rawlinson

More details are emerging this morning about the upcoming Online Harms Whitepaper and it doesn’t look like a pretty picture for the future of independent and social media.

Mainstream media is already warning that the new code which applies to serious things like Child Abuse and suicide as well as the nitty gritty things, like what the Government perceive to be fake news, carries fines up to £20M for breeches of conduct.

The Government had also previously announced that websites that fail to comply could be banned from U.K access all together, much like the censorship seen in China and other countries.

As well as this, websites could be removed from search engine results or be selectively censored.

All it will take is a few fines of £20M to force websites and social media outlets into compliance or they will be blocked from operating all together. That, along with the proposed European Unions draconian Article 11 and Article 13 measures under the false pretense of copyright laws does not paint a pretty picture for the future of accessing information and free thought. Under the EU proposals you have to pay to link to sources and can’t use anything under stricter copyright laws.

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

This might force people back onto the streets like the olden days. One can only hope so. While we can all agree that genuinely harmful stuff should be quashed, they don’t like us having an independent voice exposing their agenda.

If they cared about the genuinely harmful things, they could have acted decades ago.

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