Glastonbury resident makes an emotional appeal to the council amid 5G rollout fears

From Somerset Live:

Christopher Baker is worried 5G could have potentially harmful effects

Christopher Baker is worried 5G could have potentially harmful effects

‘A Glastonbury man is continuing his appeal to the council to resist a 5G rollout.

Christopher Baker, an electromagnetic field consultant, spoke at a Glastonbury town council meeting on Tuesday, April 9 to raise his concerns of the potentially “debilitating” effects of 5G on the community.

He highlighted that 5G has been developed without “adequate testing of the long term effects” on human health and urged the councillors to “halt the installation of 5G” until the technology has been thoroughly evaluated. 

“I care about the Glastonbury community, especially the young generation who are at a greater risk.”, he said. 

Earlier this year the West of England Combined Authority secured £5 million from the government to trial a superfast 5G network at tourist destinations in Bristol and Bath.

EE is also looking to upgrade the 25-metre mast at the Bath City Football Club to provide 5G coverage in the area. 

However, Mr Baker remains determined to encourage other towns and cities to resist 5G and has hope that Glastonbury will lead the way. 

Christopher Baker recently joined other Glastonbury residents to organise a ‘5G action meeting’, which was held at Glastonbury Town Hall on Thursday, March 28. 

An organiser of the event said: “it was well attended with over 150 present including the mayor and various councillors.” 

A formal petition against 5G in Glastonbury is also being developed.’

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