Predator Free 2050- creeping around the world like a feral cat

By Tim Rawlinson

Should your cat be banned from going outside or worse?

In New Zeland they have been culling cats, mice, rabbits and other animals while claiming to protect others, as part of Predator Free LTD’s, (Yes it’s a limited company!) crackdown on predators by 2050 and Sky News this morning asked the U.K public if cats should be banned from going outside to save the birds. But here’s the question no one is asking: what contributes as a predator?

Predator Free New Zeland proudly boasts of culling full bunny populations which they claim has lead to the environment returning to being lush and green with no evidence that the mice being gone actually contributed to it. They have also killed rabbit, mice and other animal populations, this isn’t just exclusive to cats, but the cats were the first to get media attention. Hang on a minute….

That’s what’s happening here!

Cambridge dictionary defines a predator as:


noun [ C ]UK /ˈpred.ə.tərUS /ˈpred.ə.t̬ɚ/

C1 an animal that huntskills, and eats other animals:lionswolves, and other predators

So if we start down this slippery slope we are messing with nature, just like those Agenda 21 documents said would happen. It’s startning with low down predators which ultimately feed other predators and who knows where it will stop.

The groups carrying this out in New Zeland also place poisonous treats in the wild, where other species are.

Maybe if we genuinely want to be predator free by 2050, we should get rid of the predators in Government departments preying on the poor and vulnerable. Or those who claim to be protecting nature while actively destroying it.

Watch more below!

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