European Nationality- Would you turn your back on your country in favour of it? (Opinion)

By Tim Rawlinson

Something caught my eye on Euronews yesterday. Apparent viewer questions, (although they never stated the viewers names) were being asked. One of the questions to Party of The European Left MEP Violeta Tomič was:

‘When will we see a European Nationality for those of us (who)… wish to be European without being subject to an individual country?’

Of course she was all for the idea, after all Agenda 21 and one world Government idealists can’t have Sovereign nations or peoples. It got me thinking, the Brexit ‘chaos’ has divided our nation into two divisive camps along the same lines, could this be the upcoming solution to the chaos?

I am speculating on our part, of course. But the fact that MEPs are proposing EU Nationality’s is a real leftist globalist agenda at work, as the above clip shows.

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