A better alternative to Google News

By Tim Rawlinson

  • Ditch Google News for Duckduckgo News

Duckduckgo is an internet search engine similar to Google except there’s no filtering of search results to meet political ends. The search engine is often misreported as being deep web only, however you can use it on the surface web.

If you go to duckduckgo.com, just like Google you can type in your search and choose ‘news’ along the top, as well as sorting by last day, week, month etc.

The difference being, sometimes, as well as the mainstream media you might find an interesting article or information on a topic suppressed from Google. An obvious example of this is the search term ‘globalist.’

As an added Bonus Duckduckgo doesn’t track you.

Search out independent news sites

If you are searching for real news, search out independent news sites and blogs. There are many .news websites out there, providing news feeds and sites on every topic under the sun. You can also use the ‘reader’ function on WordPress.com to search for topics from bloggers and independent news sites.

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