The Satanic Temple just got religious status in the USA

By Tim Rawlinson

If you thought the movie ‘Hail Satan’ was propaganda for satanism you’d be right. Painting Satanism as a ‘religion of peace’ serves the upcoming one world Government order, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

As well as Netflix, Amazon and other services ramping up Satanic propaganda in recent years, America has now officially recognized The Satanic Temple as a religion after the US Government’s Internal Revenue Service announced that it would be given the same tax-empt status as a church.

This announcement comes after The Satanic Temple had previously lobbied for a Government square to place a statue of Baphomet next to a statue of the Ten commandments to ensure ‘religious freedom.’

The Satanic Temple is the polar opposite of Christian Conservative values and was founded in 2013, gaining much traction on the left in a short amount of time, backed up by mainstream media, where satanists even cast spells on Trump and gathered at mass protests.

The group even admits that most of their support comes from anti Trump supporters, which given that Trump campaigned to protect Christian values while on the campaign trail, this is not surprising.

The Satanic Temple makes no qualms about not liking Trump or ‘alt-right’ Christian politicians, attacking them on social media outlets and in their speeches.

The Satnic Temple claim that they don’t believe in fictional people in the Sky but then claim to believe that Satan is real. They are projecting themselves as peaceful across all media outlets because the forces behind them aren’t working for Christians. If you type ‘satanism’ into the Google owned website Youtube for example, all the same style propaganda as the movie Hail Satan turns up and it’s all designed to lure people into harder, harsher Satanism down the line, after all, the new satanic world order wouldn’t work otherwise.

Even more eerie is the fact that this event was indeed predicted in the bible, where it states that Satan will not have control for long.

Worldwide The Satanic Temple has an estimated twenty chapters across the US and branches in Australia, Canada, Germany and the U.K.

The founder of The Satanic Temple also stated:

Our expansive membership numbers are a response to the Trump administration and [Mike] Pence being vice president. People are horrified.

Well, at least there’s finally an explanation for all the Trump bashing in the satanic Hollywood media.

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