Crisis claims Universal Credit putting Hull families at risk of homelessness

By Tim Rawlinson

Homeless charity Crisis Hull has claimed in a new report that families in Hull are at risk of homelessness due to problems with Universal Credit.

Some of the reasons cited include the gap between rents and Universal Credit leaving people with the stark choice between paying for food, bills and paying their rent.

The charity went on to claim that in the most severe cases people are becoming homeless as a result.

In Hull just 9% of two bedroom rented houses were affordable for small families receiving Universal Credit in 2018/2019 while renting anything else in the cheapest 30 percent of the market is leaving people with a weekly shortfall on average of £23 which is the same as two weeks worth of electricity and gas.

The report also states that cuts to the Local Housing Allowance administered under Universal Credit as being another factor, stating that the financial support for those on low incomes was frozen in 2016 while rents continued to rise.

Crisis is campaigning for the LHA to be reinstated.

*And still no one mentions benefit sanction targets…. or the fact benefits are capped at a certain amount… well, we can hold our breath…

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