Microsoft to police your Words- Literally

By Tim Rawlinson

Please forgive my fucking language in this fucking article, but I just want to be sure I still have freedom of speech. Did that get changed? No? Good.

Microsoft have recently announced ‘Ideas In Word’ which would have just corrected all that into nice fluffy none offensive speech like a Bunny taking a rainbow shit in the middle of a desert.

Last week during the first day of Microsoft’s build developer confernece the company wrapped off a slew of new updates to Microsoft365, including cloud hosting and a new AI powered grammar and style checker in Word Online, called Ideas in Word, which could also be rolled out to email messages in Outlook mobile.

According to

‘Ideas in Word builds on Editor, an AI-powered proofreader for Office 365 that was announced in July 2016 and replaced the Spelling & Grammar pane in Office 2016 later that year. Ideas in Words similarly taps natural language processing and machine learning to deliver intelligent, contextually aware suggestions that could improve a document’s readability. For instance, it’ll recommend ways to make phrases more concise, clear, and inclusive, and when it comes across a particularly tricky snippet, it’ll put forward synonyms and alternative phrasings.

In practice, Ideas for Word might propose swapping “society as a whole” for the more concise “society.” And with each suggestion, it’ll provide justifications and explanations, such as why “then” should be used in place of “than” in a specific context.

Microsoft Word Online Mentions

The new features will also alert others to your content changes. As well as this Microsoft recently announced software that will monitor what you say and do in real time on your phone, Big Brother is truly here.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Simply switch your word processing software to , a free open source alternative of Mircosoft style products which has been available for many years and does not require payments for the services it provides.

Just because a company has a Monopoly on something does not mean you need to use it. Another good alternative to Google is DuckDuckGo.

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