Theresa May confirms Brexit betrayal – New deal will contain vote for second referendum

By Tim Rawlinson

‘Brexit means Brexit’ was the phrase often used by Theresa May in the run up to the Brexit talks.

Many months and many debates later, today she has just announced that her ‘new Brexit Bill will contain a vote on a second referendum which she also claimed will help her get the support of Labour MPs.

In a speech just given May claimed that:

‘The government will therefore include in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a second referendum.’ ‘So to those MPs who want a second referendum to confirm the deal – you need a deal and therefore Withdrawal Agreement Bill to make it happen…’

At a time when the EU marches towards total police state censorship of political speech and the U.K faces ever more political division, this will no doubt create more of a divide between Briexitiers and leavers.

This will be a slap in the face like a fresh Banana milkshake to the 51.9% who voted to leave.

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