Dirty Online Predators Exposed sting goes wrong

By Tim Rawlinson

In a country where you can be blocked and censored for what news you post, but nothing gets done about online child grooming, citizen lead groups have taken to exposing online child predators and putting them under citizens arrest due to lack of Police tackling the issue.

Most go off without a hitch but tonight a sting went wrong and turned into a brawl after a suspected pedophile wasn’t willing to talk to the group ‘Dirty Online Predators Exposed’

UPDATE- The Police sided with the hunters and arrested the man with the bat that the team successfully disarmed after the video stopped. He was also wanted on other crimes.

I have been watching a few of these Online Pedophile groups for a while, this one is always professional and act under citizens arrest laws and most I watch daily never experience these issues. Of course if the Police and system didn’t protect pedophiles this would never happen. We need a better system to ensure this doesn’t have to happen. The Police protect pedophiles in high places, never forget!

The groups methods may always be on a knife edge, as shown above, but the obvious question that comes to mind is, what are the Police doing about such issues? God forbid someone steal a 60p can of Coca Cola from Tesco, five man response to that, but nothing seems to be getting done about this issue. There are many groups and many stings, the Police should be doing them in my opinion.

Instead, some Police forces bash these groups instead of helping them arrest people, or doing it themselves.

At least in this case the Police were professional and sided with the hunting groups, the support varies from force to force.

I thought it was important to show the unedited footage as the BBC and other mainstream media networks constantly attack the groups when in reality they do lead to convictions and arrests. I have a feeling the mainstream media may pick this up and make the group out to be violent towards the accused, we shall see.

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