JSUK News now censored fully on Facebok- is it because I moved on from DWP to the higher globalist agenda?

Knowledge is power- or in Facebook’s case, censorship.

The JSUK News Facebook page is censored like never before. Despite being called ‘fake news’ in the past by politicians for exposing the realities of Universal Credit, the page somehow survived. However, since moving onto the bigger picture of our upcoming enslavement under the Chinese style ‘Social Credit’ system planned to be rolled out very soon to the United Kingdom as well as other places in the world, the page is finally officially being left in the dust by Facebook.

Averaging a mere 7k impressions a week, with very little interaction on posts it is very clear someone at Facebook switched the censorship of my page up to high.

Don’t mention the upcoming cashless society where everyone will face UC style conditionality or be cut off from food and banking entirely.

Don’t point out that Facial Recognition technology is a response to the problem the Government it’s self created, by cutting back Police when they didn’t have to, to make crime go up so they can sell the use of the upcoming smart grid as being for ‘our safety.’ When infact it’s to clamp down on Government detractors or block certain individuals the Government doesn’t agree with from accessing services.

In China they persecute Christians and make them teach loyalty to the communist party along with their church teachings, spied on by cameras every step of the way. They also target other religious minorities as well. Very Orwellian.

The DWP also launched a full propaganda attack in The Metro newspaper recently, which will go on for nine weeks. Full of outright LIES, PROPAGANDA and spin.

So, the future of JSUK News will be the blog, currently accessible at jsuknews.tk. I am looking into other avenues to make the website accessible, improve certain aspects of it and will start dedicating more time to original articles soon, as well as cu-ration.

There are many more issues to the plan than the DWP, and it’s being pushed on a global scale. For you see, the weirdos in charge would rather keep control of people through force, than you know, giving up and retiring on a cruise ship or something. It’s a spiritual war, one side that is pro human and one side that is anti-human.

Rather than deleting the Facebook page fully, which I really leaned towards doing recently, I will continue to share posts to there until the whole fucking website implodes from it’s own stupid policies or something.

You can be rest assured I will not be backing down without a fight, after all they are fighting for control of your mind in these end game times.

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