Disability benefit reviews rolled out this week – but there could be delays

From- https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk-

‘Tough payment eligibility reviews for disabled pensioners are being reformed from this week – but pressure groups argue the changes will not be completely rolled out for some time.

New ‘light touch’ tests for OAPs renewing Personal Independence Payment (PIP) come into force on Friday, the DWP has announced.

Claimants will face the new less comprehensive tests once a decade instead of tougher examinations every few years.

But charities slammed the DWP for admitting this week’s launch is only a partial step.

“But this announcement doesn’t go far enough for the hundreds of thousands of people still facing mandatory reassessments.

“We want to see more people being awarded longer-term PIP payments so they don’t have to face the stress of reassessments.

“Unless there’s strong evidence that a person’s health has changed, there’s just no need for a series of face-to-face assessments.”

Pensioners can only claim PIP if they were already on the benefit, or its predecessor DLA, when they reached the state pension age.

New claimants over the state pension age must apply for Attendance Allowance instead.

Initial changes will affect ‘very few’

That means this Friday’s reform will affect very few people at first.

People will only be saved repeat assessments if they started claiming PIP from Friday onwards; and were under pension age at the time; and then reach pension age later on.

DWP sources insisted they were moving quickly to roll out the reform in full’…

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