Blame our Government not Trump for NHS privatisation (Opinion)

By Tim Rawlinson

JSUK News has always been ahead of the curve in reporting news and the talks of a US-UK trade deal post Brexit this week caused quite a stir as everyone got shocked that Trump was talking about the NHS being privatised.

What people fail to mention is that our NHS has been on a downward spiral of cuts and under funding by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT since 2012.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 opened the NHS up to private companies such as Virgin Care, closed GPs surgeries for profit and took the responsibility of healthcare away from the state.

Richard Branson even sued the NHS when VirginCare wasn’t awarded a contract.

The NHS has already been ripped apart by private companies, while the public has also been fooled by misleading mainstream media reports about how the NHS is failing and underfunded, even making headline news.

Doctors and nurses have been forced to strike over pay and left the NHS in droves.

The Noam Chomsky quote above has all happened… without Trump.

JSUK News has always followed the NHS cuts and defunding as it happened. If you go to the ‘posts’ section of the Facebook page and type in NHS you can see for yourself.

The following Tedtalk from 2014 (which JSUK News reposted at the time on Facebook,) explains fully how the Government have dismantled the NHS for the last seven years and before. If you have a spare moment, it’s worth a listen knowing where we are now.

So before you blame the boogie man who wants American firms to run the robotic doctors under NHSX, do not forget what our own Government has done and point your blame in the right direction.

Theres been many NHS privitisation protests by doctors and nurses over NHS privatisation, but where was the collective mass outrage in 2012?

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