Universal Credit has left her virtually penniless – customer praised for act of kindness

From belfastlive.co.uk-

 ‘A Belfast cafe owner has revealed a heartwarming act of kindness from one of her customers.

Applejacks boss Jackie Bradley shared the story of a customer who couldn’t afford a cup of coffee on Friday before a kind stranger stepped in with a generous offer.

The West Belfast cafe posted on Twitter: “Yesterday in Applejacks, a lady bought her child a milkshake. She didn’t buy anything for herself. The child had done well in school this week and she wanted to give her a treat. The little girl asked for an Applejacks milkshake.

“Another lady noticed she’d only bought something for the child and bought her a coffee. On receiving the coffee, she approached the woman, threw out her arms and hugged her.

“Universal credit has left her virtually penniless and she used the last of her cash for the child’s treat.

“The woman who bought the coffee had no idea, but she explained she likes to ‘Pay It Forward’ and she then gave a fiver to the child for doing well in school.

“The simplest things can make the biggest difference – what price was a cup of coffee in Applejacks yesterday? Priceless.

Jackie told Belfast Live that the cafe has a ‘special’ customer base who always look out for each other.

She said: “We’re located in Caffrey Hill in a Clanmil social housing area and we’re acutely aware of the awful impact Universal Credit is having on local families, leaving many destitute and without any money for weeks on end.

“A simple act of kindness like buying a cup of coffee for someone may seem like such a tiny thing but it can really mean the world to a person who has very little.

“Our customers are so special, they bring the vibe to our coffee shop – we see actions like this all the time, with people looking after one another so it was of no surprise to us.

“The woman who benefited yesterday asked us to put the story on social media in the hope the woman who bought her the coffee would see it – we sincerely hope she does.” ‘

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