Drill music producers make blood soaked satanic art exhibition in London (Opinion)

By Tim Rawlinson

Drill music is a genre of music thriving online. Often promoting heavy gang violence and glamorizing violent acts including murder, the genre came under the spotlight recently as certain rappers were prevented from making the toxic music without police permission, including one of the artists serving prison time for performing their content live and having been found to ‘unjustifiably deemed to be inciting violence.’

In response a new ‘art exhibition’ called ‘young blood,’ has been made, using the blood of real people along with violent and hate filled slogans. Some include:

‘I shit on your God’

‘Cop shot just for kicks’

‘Fuck Your Jesus I am the future’

All the bloody phrases are projected and magnified from in front of glass screens, pumping drill rappers and supporters real blood behind them. There are other phrases of course and the ‘artist’ the drill producers worked with has done other works with blood before, but imagine if the phrases on the wall had been about any other religion. There would have been massive backlash.

The exhibition ran in London’s upmarket historic Saatchi Gallery from 5th-10th June this year. At a time when censorship is at an all time high, it seems Drill music producers are allowed to continue to spread their hateful views on the world and furthermore, get funding and allowance to do an exhibit saying ‘ I shit on God.’

This could be seen as a free speech protest if it didn’t come from a group of people who do nothing but contribute to the violence and distress in our communities. They are claiming it’s their free speech that is being shown here, but all I see is the same hate that fills their genre of music. It’s not even creative, just sad and pathetic.

Meanwhile Christian groups on the left and right continue to be purged off social media by big tech companies.

Not if we can help it.

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