Sadiq Khan and his ilk defunded the Police and youth services for the upcoming spy grid to be offered as the solution (Opinion)

By Tim Rawlinson

It doesn’t take much research to remind yourself of the deliberate and dangerous cuts to the Police since 2012, under the guise of austerity which is a lie, it’s just been reported that the number of Police are now officially back to pre 2002 levels, all by design. This leads to a surge in violent crime, with three stabbings reported in 20 hours, which eventually will lead to the roll out of facial recognition 5G spy grid tracking your every move, for your own safety of course.

You may have noticed weird looking cameras popping up in your towns, built like tanks to ensure they can’t be removed. Eventually these will be 5G facial recognition cameras, tracking your every move through your facial features, tracking where you go and who you interact with as part of the global effort to roll out the technology on citizens.

Maybe, instead of attacking Trump for a retweet it’s time for us to focus our anger where it’s needed. The deliberate defunding of Police, youth services and various other helpful organisations to meet an Orwellian ends is far more sinister and worthy of our outrage, but hey, fuck Trump right?

Facial recognition and the start of the smart grid will be offered as the solution to the violence. Problem, reaction, solution. The solution is what they want in the first place.

Facial Recognition cameras have also recently been rolled out in US schools, along with claims they can also spot guns and weapons. The technology has also recently been banned in San Francisco amid privacy fears.

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