Facial recognition technology rolls out in Chinese schools- as USA also rolls out the invasive tech in schools.

By Tim Rawlinson


As the globalist smart grid continues to grow, facial recognition technology has taken a step forward in China, with pupils having to scan their faces to enter the premises as well as having the tech in classrooms.

On the 31st May this year, even Childrens BBC was announcing that similar systems would be coming to American schools.

From- https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/48464603

‘Students in New York, USA, will be seeing some big changes when they arrive at school next Monday.

The Lockport City School District, which has eight schools, will be the first in the country to trial a new facial recognition system called Aegis.

The technology will be used to help security staff identify individuals who may pose a threat to students and staff members. It will also be used to detect weapons…’

‘Not everyone is keen on the introduction of facial recognition technology in schools.

Some have questioned both the cost and effectiveness of the technology, while others have said that it could end up reinforcing gender and racial biases.

The technology will be piloted during what has been described as an “initial implementation phase” so officials can be trained on how to use it.

However, there are plans for the system to be rolled out more widely across the district by September this year.

So it seems the globalists have decided to start introducing the invasive Orwellian technology onto impressionable youngsters who don’t know any different. Of course, by being on the BBCs flagship news show for children they are prepping our youngsters for when it is introduced in our schools also.

By the time they are adults (or even before) the technology will be more widespread throughout society.

BBC Click did a documentary about Facial Recognition earlier this year, which featured a man being fined £90 for hiding his face in a trial area.

In China people are already spied on using facial recognition for a social credit score. If they fall out of the expectations of Government they lose points and are forced to donate money to charity as punishment.

The cameras, for example, catch jay walkers and project them onto screens, as well as doing many other functions. Things like buying or eating meat lose points, where as ‘performing heroic deeds’ earn points.

With the recent announcement of Facebook creating a ‘digital currency’ while censoring and kicking individuals and organisations they don’t agree with off their platform, it’s not hard to see where the world is going.


This could explain the vilification of homeless people on the street by the mainstream media. Many are let down by Government systems such as Universal Credit, which is increasing homelessness and poverty. But the Government tells people through posters, headline news and other means that everyone is cheating. People become desensitized to the issue and disregard it as the individuals fault. Is this a pretext for when they give people they don’t like a bad score and kick them out on the street?

If society becomes cashless we become point scorers, if we go against any wishes of Government we become pointless, much like a video game that means game over.

Bankers really are wankers.

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