Amazon planning ‘home surveillance’ drones to monitor your house

By Tim Rawlinson

Amazon has patented the use of surveillance drones within the home which will cover your personal space from every angle with no blindspot and claim they will only be used to combat burglars and spot potential safety hazards such as open doors.

Amazon claim that as the drones are in the air, intruders would not be able to tamper with them, using the wafer thin excuse to sell the spy tech as ‘ ideal crime fighting devices’.

Privacy campaigners Big Brother Watch UK have branded the drones “milirary-style home spying,”

A spokesman for BBW added:

“Consumers might find they are being monitored, not only intruders. It could raise serious privacy risks for neighbours too.”

In America Hive home CCTV systems have also been hacked with creepy hackers turning up the heat remotely in a babies bedroom and seething hatred through the inbuilt microphones at the occupants.

Amazon have also previously admitted recording conversations through their Amazon Alexa devices.

Quoted from The Daily Star-

Amazon’s John Tagle said that only houses that have “opted in” will be recorded.

He said: “The delivery drones can be used to record video of consented users’ property to gather data that can be analysed to look out for a broken window or a fire or a garage door left open during the day.”

The patent claims the drones will use geo-fencing, a technology which can draw a virtual boundary around the property under surveillance.

Any image or data from outside the geo-fence would be obscured or removed.


The obvious question here is ‘who is monitoring the footage’ and ‘where does it get stored?’ Maybe the intention of police cutbacks leading to a surge in violent crime is to make us go running to become subservient to surveillance tech, after all the smart grid won’t roll out it’s self now will it? The uptake of numerous companies devices in the homes that spy on us is par for the course, but monitored real time CCTV cameras is a whole new level of Orwellian.

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