UBI- The global plan for total control

Austerity is global. The rises in poverty are global. The push for Universal Basic Income is global. Jeremy Corbyn has stated his support for UBI, which disability campaigners have stated will have a negative impact on them.

What could be more better than replacing a system that has tough conditionailty attached to it, plunging people into debt, hoemlessness and poverty, with a new system that gets everyone under the thumb of Government control and conditionality even more.

When the welfare state was introduced it didn’t contain conditionality. Sure you had to go along to the Jobcentre but it was a far cry from the evil system we have now. But, here’s the thing. Even Universal Credit isn’t unique to the United Kingdom. Iain Duncan Smith went to Australia and other countries championing the system and they adopted it to a tee. Facebook pages similar to mine often state how similar our systems are, even down to long call times and sanction targets to cut the welfare bills.

Basicincome.org is a website that curates global basic income news. Much like the welfare state of old it is being championed as a solution to problems the global economic system has helped create. It states that the UBI is unconditional and applies to everyone- but for how long woud that last?

Contrast and compare to Chinas social credit system, where people are rated on how they behave and it’s not hard to see that UBI could be ripe for misuse down the line, much like Universal Credit and similar global systems replaced the originally well intentioned welfare states.

In conclusion it’s a case of be careful what you wish for. UBI will apply to every citizen, they say it’s to combat the jobs that will be taken by upcoming Artificial Intelegence and synthetic humans and there may be some truth within that, but we should be aiming for more compassionate societies in general, ones where people support one another instead of relaying on Government handouts with impossible demands attached that drive people to suicide and destitution.

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Government data reveals scandal: 1,000s dying just months after being denied PIP support

Politics and Insights

Tory newton

Sarah Newton, minister for disabled people.

Government ministers have said that the controversial Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments ensure that those people “most in need” receive support. Last month I wroteabout a disclosure from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) concerning the mortality rates of people awaiting PIP assessments.

Official DWP data reveals that 7,990 people died within six months of having a claim for PIP rejected by cruel DWP ‘decision makers’. This indicates that contrary to Conservative minister’s claims, those most in need of support are being catastrophically failed by the assessment regime. 

Of these, 3,680 died within just three months of having their PIP applications rejected by the DWP.  The figures also show that 17,070 people have died waiting for their PIP claims to be assessed by DWP decision makers.

It has also been revealed that 5,290 of those who had applied under the…

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Universal Credit: MS sufferer and her carer left without money for weeks

Govt Newspeak

MS sufferer and her carer left without benefits for five weeks thanks to Universal Credit. Adam McLelland and his wife Bee, of Birkby, slammed the new system which is plaguing lots of Huddersfield people.

Adam McLelland and his wife Bee had been living in their adapted home for just two weeks when they received their first enforcement letter demanding unpaid rent. It was the beginning of six months of arguments, counter arguments and overwhelming stress that coincided with the couple’s move to the all-in-one benefit known as Universal Credit.

The McLellands rapidly found themselves caught between the Department for Work and Pensions, which administers Universal Credit, and Kirklees Council, which provides their rented home in Birkby. And at the heart of their problem was money. Or rather the lack of it.

Adam, 29, and Bee, 22, were married in 2017 just 10 months after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Adam gave up…

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£213 a month to live on, and also have to top up rent payments with that. People are struggling to survive on universal credit.

The poor side of life

Dear readers, today was grim and the weather didn’t help anyone, let alone the people forced to use the Jobcentre. Yet again we encountered numerous people with all sorts of problems ranging from universal credit, ESA and PIP, housing problems etc.

We handed out all of our food parcels, most were taken by single parents with children and working families. They rely on foodbanks to survive, it really shouldn’t be like this.

Thanks to Gordon for joining me and also Jack. Your help is invaluable and it’s appreciated by everyone.

As usual I won’t divulge the names of anyone that I spoke to this morning. The DWP snoop everywhere and I don’t want anyone that I spoke to being targeted by the DWP. This does happen, but not on my blog. I value everyone that I speak to unlike the DWP.

John walked out of the Jobcentre clutching the usual…

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Three quarters of housing benefit cap victims are single-parent families

Govt Newspeak

New figures reveal more than 75% had at least one child aged under five. Three quarters of victims of the Tories’ housing benefit cap are single-parent families, new figures reveal.Image result for housing benefit

Data released by the Department for Work and Pensions reveal some 53,000 households had their housing benefit capped in November. Some 39,000, 74% of the total, were single-parent families. And 76% had at least one child aged under five.

Terrie Alafat, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute for Housing, said: “Today’s figures show that the lower benefit cap continues to have a profound effect on people’s lives – while our analysis shows that many could be missing out on vital funding which is supposed to help soften the impact.

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PENSIONS: Waspi Grandmother claims she’ll be pushed into poverty

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Grandmother claims she’ll be pushed into poverty and left £51,000 out of pocket because of plans to raise state pension age Deena Wild, 60, says she will lose out after it was announced the state pension age for women will increase from 60 to 66 next autumn

Deena Wild, 60, says she will lose out on £51,000 after it was announced the state pension age for women will increase from 60 to 66 next autumn

In brief

  • State pension age for women will increase to 66 next autumn
  • Deena Wild, 60, says the move will leave her struggling for money

A grandmother claims she will be pushed into poverty because of the Government’s plans to raise the state pension age. Deena Wild, 60, says she will lose out on £51,000 after it was announced the state pension age for women will increase from 60 to 66 next autumn, instead of the initially announced age of 62.

Deena, who works part time, will be one of 3.8 million women who will be forced to rely on their savings for…

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