Comment Guidelines

Trinity Mirror Dispute-
JSUK News does not share or copy articles from The Mirror newspaper after a less than flattering email received from Trinity Mirror PLC. It should be noted that this applies only to The Mirror publication and not any local papers.

JSUK News believes in freedom of speech and a variety of opinions, however we have a few safe guards in place to protect from spam and all comments are read over to make sure they comply with the ethics of the site. Below are some guidelines to follow to make sure your comment will stay on JSUKNEWS.COM and not be edited.

1. Do not troll/go off topic/ promote other websites/post links. Also please keep swearing to a minimum. Comments containing threats/inciting violence or illegal activities will not be welcome.

2. Please remain calm if your comment does not show right away, comments are initially screened to stop potential spam bots. Once a set number of your comments have been approved you can then post instantly.

3. JSUK News reserves the right to ban users if they post off topic comments, promote illegal activities or hate speech comments towards disabled and the unemployed. JSUKNEWS.COM also has a zero tolerance approach to racism,sexism homophobia and other general hate speech comments.  While we welcome different opinions and viewpoints please engage brain before posting.

4. JSUKNEWS.COM may edit your comment if you fail to adhere to these guidelines, delete it or ban you from commenting on the site. It is at your own discretion to use common sense of applying these guidelines to your posts. Happy posting!

When you contact us

When you contact JSUKNEWS.COM via email, Facebook comment, website comment or Facebook message you agree ( unless stated otherwise) that your content can be re-posted or re-used in JSUK News articles, promotional materials, status updates or otherwise.

When articles are copied

JSUK News aims to be a news cu-ration and delivery service. Articles are copied from news outlets under fair use for comment/education/research materials. JSUK News fully complies with guidelines of naming the authors and linking to original sources. If however, you still don’t want your material on JSUKNEWS.COM please send an email to:  Please note that Youtube videos and Twitter posts are already public so do not apply to this appeal process. JSUKNEWS.COM will always embed videos from original sources.


Donations to JSUKNEWS.COM are conducted through the Paypal service which may include fees (a  few pence either way.) There is a set form used to donate and JSUKNEWS.COM will never aim to avoid fees. JSUK News uses 100% of donations given minus fees (to Paypal) which are beyond the control of the site, to improve services.