MS Sufferer foeced into care…

MS Sufferer foeced into care home- BBC Victoria Derbyshire 11/05/18


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1 in 9 young people in Scotland have attempted to take their own lives- VIDEO

University of Glasgow research has found that one in nine young people in Scotland have attempted to take their own lives , with a link between self harming and suicide.
Samaritans Helpline
Whatever You’re Going Through, Call
Us Free Any Time on 116 123

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While BBC News was in cover up propaganda mode on the 24th April, Sky News decided to tell the truth about Universal Credit leading to increased Foodbank usage.


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Dispatches- Britain’s Benefit Crisis- Video

Dispatches- Britain’s Benefit Crisis
Looking at Universal Credit and broken Government promises
Please note that the ending DWP statements have been edited out for being Government propaganda.
Added song: Disl Automatic and Sinthesis Fight the system

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Swindon Council throwing away rough sleepers tents and possessions.
From BBC Points West 08/05/18

That picture of Theresa May looking disgusted at a school child isn’t what it seems

This morning a viral image of Jeremy Corbyn playing with school children during a school visit juxtaposed to Theresa May apparently looking disgusted at a child during a recent school visit did the rounds, much to the mockery of social media commentators.


The image originates from when Huffington Post ran THIS ARTICLE  in 2017 stating that Jeremy Corbyn puts Theresa May to shame when it comes to photo opportunities with school children showing pictures of Jeremy Corbyn next to Teresa May making cupcakes with school children while she apparently looks disgusted at them.

jeremy corbyn

What the article fails to mention is that the moment in Theresa Mays visit that the picture is from is in-fact from a moment where they were discussing turtles being ran over. A quick Google search of the same image brings up the Daily Mail article from 2017:


Of course in the run up to local elections when you support one political party over another it’s very easy to share images out of context on social media. However, sharing fake news and images out of  context to political point score not only discredits your page and news service, it also discredits yourself and your trust with readers. If it was Jeremy Corbyn who looked disgusted at the thought of discussing turtles being ran over it would be span the other way.

Misleading images and articles discredit causes, movements and media outlets and sadly this isn’t an isolated incident.

(Although I am surprised Theresa didn’t keep smiling during the conversation. With what she’s inflicting on humans, turtles shouldn’t matter to her.)

6 years and nothing has changed, but I’ve helped thousands understand what is happening.

During yesterdays restful day I decided to type key words into the videos page of JSUK to ‘fondly’ look back on  5 years of video uploading.  I don’t always tag videos properly, so I decided to search ‘ Universal Credit’ ‘DWP’ and ‘Atos’.  The first video I uploaded under the DWP tag was talking about people being sanctioned to meet sanction targets and it leading to increased Foodbank usage when they are left destitute. The very same topic I had uploaded Sky News clips about last week.

It’s a very bitter sweet moment to look back to five years ago and see the same issue presented in exactly the same way in 2013 as it is in 2018. On the one hand you can clearly see a sense of page growth between the two uploads, on the other it is a bit annoying that I still have to post about such things. But, as I’ve said in the past, if it helps just one person understand what is happening than that’s a job well done in my book.

I got unfairly sanctioned in a Universal Credit pilot area, so if nothing else it helps me understand what is going on.

Millions of Facebook shares, views, comments and interactions later and here we are.

You can’t keep the truth down forever. Even if you did try to infiltrate me back in 2014. RIP Jsuk News Radio. 

It’s been quite the journey.