One DWP story which sums up the system

“Does Iain Duncan Smith need breakfast money??” Less than 55 days after my son takes his own life, because he was let down by a system already under funded, which this government intend to make when further cuts to, they have the audacity to send me this?? I love the “I love the ” we hope you will appreciate that when public funds are incorrectly paid we are obliged to ask for them to be refunded” When are the MP’s paying back ask the “false claims” they received?? You want your £41.36 Mr I Needham, fight me for it. I Needham those pounds more than you!! And whilst we’re at it, how about a counter claim for the death of my child?? A man clearly let down by a government that is now trying to claim money back on his death.



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The onslaught of child benefit welfare propaganda continues- The UN TV Guide 12/06/15

Benefits, babies and Jail, 5*, 4pm

This afternoon Five Star are showing a programme called ‘ Benefits, babies and jail’ in their now dedicated to welfare propaganda 4pm slot. Apparently this is episode three of six, but I like most other people don’t watch Channel 5, let alone it’s spin off channels, so I was unaware they had this abundance of welfare propaganda programming.

I mean, sure the main channel has ‘Skint’ and ‘ On Benefits And Proud’ but this seems to be a hidden attempt at hiding away propaganda on an obscure channel on a daily basis. Of course, like Channel 5, Five Star is owned by Viacom and set up by the Government so any such things shouldn’t come as a shock. Upon reading the synopsis it actually sounds like it is on the peoples side but it won’t be.

The title alone, linking benefit claimants and their children to jail is already a misjudged stereotype and this is Channel 5 after all.  It’s continuing the week long narrative of ‘ child benefit cuts will be justified’ despite Birmingham Mail reporting today that 900,000 families in the West Midlands alone will be pushed into poverty by the cuts.  Instead of watching this show JSUK recommends staring out of the window and looking up at the sky wondering why we got into this state and organizing a local anti cuts protest.

For comparison of the point I’m trying to make, imagine if say, BBC TWO ran these shows every afternoon, it would be very obvious that it was all propaganda and complaints would follow. This seems to be more of an attempt to catch ‘ channel flickers’ and brainwash them than being out there for all to see.

Three afternoons in a row Channel 5* have shown shows about large families living on benefits. As we know these are the rarest of the rare and as usual the media is using the minuscule minority to justify the upcoming cuts. This got me thinking- are cuts to child benefit going to be announced on July 8th despite a government official claiming they wouldn’t be cut until 2020? Of course nothing is certain until the day of the ’emergency budget’ but if past experiences with propaganda on the TV are to go by, cuts usually follow.

Leaked DWP memos show DWP execs have been looking into the impact of cutting child benefit for the first child and limiting it to two children only. So the cuts will happen, it’s just a matter of when.

5* also wins the JSUK twatbag channel of the week award. For obvious reasons.


Five star, see the star is also an Illuminati symbol,

but that’s just conspiracy of course…

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Ministers treating unemployment as mental problem – report

Unemployment is being “rebranded” by the government as a psychological disorder, a new study claims.

Those that do not exhibit a “positive” outlook must undergo “reprogramming” or face having their benefits cut, says the Wellcome Trust-backed report.

This can be “humiliating” for job seekers and does not help them find suitable work, the researchers say.

But the Department for Work and Pensions said there was no evidence to back up the “highly misleading” claims.

The paper, published in the Medical Humanities journal, says benefit claimants are being forced to take part in positive thinking courses in an effort to change their personalities.

They are bombarded with motivational text messages – such as “success is the only option”, “we’re getting there” and “smile at life” – and have to take part in “pointless” team-building exercises such as building towers out of paper clips, it adds.


New benefit claimants are interviewed to find out whether they have a “psychological resistance” to work, with those deemed “less mentally fit” given more intensive coaching.

And unpaid work placements are increasingly judged on psychological results, such as improved motivation and confidence, rather than whether they have led to a job.

The report’s co-author, social scientist Lynne Friedli, described such programmes as “Orwellian”.

“Claimants’ ‘attitude to work’ is becoming a basis for deciding who is entitled to social security – it is no longer what you must do to get a job, but how you have to think and feel.

Job centre

“This makes the government’s proposal to locate psychologists in job centres particularly worrying.

“By repackaging unemployment as a psychological problem, attention is diverted from the realities of the UK job market and any subsequent insecurities and inequalities it produces.”

Friedli also criticised the way psychologists were being used as “government enforcers” and called on professional bodies to denounce the practice.

‘Eeyore’ type’

“I don’t think anything can justify forced psychological coercion. If people want to go on training courses that should be entirely voluntary,” she told BBC News.

She also questioned the aim of the motivational courses and welfare-to-work placements, which felt like “evangelical” self-help seminars.

“Do we really want a world where the only kind of person considered employable is a ‘happy clappy’, hyper-confident person with high self-esteem?

“That is a very a narrow set of characteristics. There is also a role in the workplace for the ‘eeyore’ type.”

But the DWP said Friedli and Stearns’ report had no basis in fact and was just relying on anecdotal evidence from blogs and social media.

The government plans to place 350 psychologists in job centres by the end of the summer to help benefit claimants beat depression and get back into the jobs market.

Claimants will also be offered online cognitive behavioral therapy to boost their “employability”.

From BBC News find the original which includes more DWP statements here.

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